" the bigger the bow the smaller the hips..."
[ true words of wisdom to live by huh?! ]
~here are more lovely(& slightly normal size)summer bow ties*

Brooks Brothers, the iconic American brand, launches a bow tie collection just in time for the summer season with Social Primer’s founder, K. Cooper Ray. Exclusively designed and inspired by Brooks Brothers’ heritage of mixing vivid patterns and colors, the Social Primer for Brooks Brothers Bow Tie Collection is an innovative and playful take on the classic. The American made bow ties (manufactured in Long Island City, NY) have been re-imagined with a traditional yet irreverent perspective. Using pure silk or cotton fabrics, the collection features reversible styles that create not one but many ways to wear the bow tie. See the full collection here. Although they've been designed for the gentlemen...but Ladies, why not! They would look cute on anyone I think! I've been known to wear men's ties and clothings before...~have you or would you?
photo by Saga Sigurdardottir for Dazed Digital & Bow-ties via Brooks Brothers via SocialPrimer.com

SATC 2 reviews~

Hi Everyone!
I watched 'Sex And The City 2' over the weekend.
Unfortunately, did not feel the lOVe at all! Am I alone here?!
I guess not! Here are the meanest...errr perhaps the
funniest things written by professional movie critics about the film:

~"Are we done yet? Second 'Sex' flick hits a new Manolo with drab four.." -Kyle Smith's New York Post

~"The film is an epic eyesore." -David Edelstein's New York Magazine

~"Admittedly, the horny blonde, the cougar of the franchise's female quartet, does her libidinous best, but, having warded off cancer and now battling the encircling demons of menopause, the odds and those damned hot flashes are decidedly against her." - a star an a half -Rick Groen's Globe and Mail

~"The contrived gaiety takes camp to new levels." -Claudia Puig's USA Today review

~"...Frankly, I cannot stomach another moment of the simpering, mincing, hair-tossing, eyelash-batting little-girl shtick she's been pulling ever since she emerged, with considerably more verve and charm, as a high-colonic Malibu Barbie opposite Steve Martin in L.A. Story." -Ella Taylor's Village Voicer

~"Amy Odell, of nymag.com's [fashion blog] The Cut, accompanied me to the screening and was kind enough to whisper that a particular dress of Carrie's cost 50 grand. But what's the point of spending that much when the cinematographer, John Thomas, lights Sarah Jessica Parker to bring out the leatheriness of her skin?" -David Edelstein's New York Magazine

~"...This deadly, brainless exercise in pointless tedium is dedicated to the screeching audacity of delusional self-importance that convinces these people the whole world is waiting desperately to watch two hours and 25 minutes of platform heels, fake orgasms and preposterous clothes." -Rex Reed's New York Observer

~"[Liza Minelli's] version [of "All The Single Ladies"] is in no way superior to the one in "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel," and it is somehow both the high point of "Sex and the City 2" and a grim harbinger of what is to come. The number starts out campy, affectionate and self-aware, but at some point turns desperate, grating and a little sad." -A.O. Scott's New York Times

~"The characters of "Sex and the City 2" are flyweight bubbleheads living in a world which rarely requires three sentences in a row. Their defining quality is consuming things." -Roger Ebert's Chicago Sun-Times

~"SUCKS IN THE CITY" - The headline of Kyle Smith's New York Post

I'm not a movie critic, but watching SATC2 was like eating 4 whole sticks of rich butter!
Don't get me wrong I like butter, but too much buttermakeswanttopukeBADly!
Seriously, I'd rather watch reruns of 'The Golden Girls' on tv!
~yesss...Lurrrve them, still!
-Graphic print via the Love Shop, The Golden Girls photo via


I'm going to enJOY my Long Weekend!

Weekend is almost here!
~a long Memorial Day Weekend here in the U.S.
Any great plans for this weekend anyone?
Well...I'm planning to invite some friends over for a good old fashioned
fried chicken recipe. We're also getting pretty psyched for Sex And The City 2!!
Yup~so ready to 'Carrie ON' with the glitzy & glamorous saga
...and of course to see the fabulous SHOES on the big screen!!
Have A Great Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!


~cute CAFÉ

What's not to love?
~such cheerful+summery & delicious* color combination...
done by interior stylist Lo Bjurulf
loving the mix n' match old wooden chairs paired with those modern metal tables!
... nice juxtaposition I'd say!


kitchen counter or wall~

Cutting, Dicing, CHOP-CHOP-CHOPPING...
~and charming enough to hang on the wall no?
[ cutting boards available via Fine little Shop ]

~Eating More Greens*

Somehow this photograph by Aakash Nihalani reminded me to eat more
leafy green vegetables! As we all know, it's hard to argue with all
the health benefits of a diet rich in leafy greens.
I shall continue to add more green goodness into my diet these days...
it's going to be good for my health and well being!
~Take a look:.

I guess my parents don't have to force me to eat my 'veggies' ever again!
Lurrrve my Green Tea Ice Cream + butter cookies! ~YUM*
( I scream for ice cream moment! )
Well...Green Tea is leafy green right?!...errr-errr???


...need to have steady hands to draw those lines~

Shopping List :
can of hair spray,
matte pink lipstick
...and fabulous eyeliner!
[checked, checked & checked]
Yup~ these darling 1960s inspired images made me do it!
model Tess Hofmaier photographed by Lucy Carr Ellison
-found via Janetteria.com


...it's time

(via bstfrnd4evr)

...to be back!
" cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo ...errr cuckoo?! "

Glad to be back! Hope everyone is doing as well as can be?!
Told you it's just a short mini break. You know...to have more time to myself.
I think it's quite important to have a 'me, me & me time' once in awhile.
The other day I went to a new flower shop, which had its grand opening
in my neighborhood. To show my support, I splurged!!! and bought
this miniature orchid plant from them~ it's $15!
wooohhh...I'm such a BIG spender I tell ya'...BIG!




For everything there is a season...
" It's time for me to take a short blog-break, be back soon...
hope you'll miss me dearly. "
as always!
-Photo via SFGirlByBay


Some of you may already know that I've been guest-blogging at The English Muse while Tina was spending precious time with her dear father in the hospital. Sadly today, I received her email informing that her father had passed away this morning. Deepest condolences to Tina and her dear family...
" This one is for you Mr Daunt, RIP "
~Our Thoughts & Prayers to her family...



I have been admiring Kim's sense of style for sometime now...
her unpretentious style seems to 'whisper instead of scream' ~simply poetic*
Completely charmed by the vintage objects she has been collecting
for her home and also her shop. ~Worth a visit!