Such lovely vintage tin boxes...perfect to store anything really
...even secretsss?!
Another confession by LENORENEVERMORE :
I'm not really good at keeping a secret!
Major ooops!!! Am I alone here?!
~do share any secrets (if you dare!), plus all the juicy bits of course...
'promise' not to tell ...errr-errr???
-Vintage tin boxes via Tawnillia

" Round*-ed "

" Love doesn't make the world go 'round',
love is what makes the ride worthwhile..."~Franklin P. Jones
Tremendousss... hope the 'ride' would not give any major headache...errr??? 
click here for more of this GIF. Have a Lovely day everyone! 


TropiCal Feast*...

Wouldn't it be nice to have breakfast
with a view like this...and the sound of waterfall?
yesss...so very calming....
Well...That was my wonderful experience while
having the delicious complimentary breakfast
during my hotel stay in Singapore...
~more visual feast, enjoy :

...ooohhh I really-really-really miss it now!
This morning at home, I heard the sound of
the slow buzzzzzzing microwave while
I was preparing my Oatmeal breakfast...
errrrr...just not the same Darlings!


Shoot...it's Monday*

Hellooooo...... It's Monday and I am going back to
my office after a long absence. Honestly, not really looking forward
to it... especially when I am still recovering from a terrible jet lag!
This morning I woke up at 3 am!! O'well...hopefully I' ll survive
this extra busy day without drinking a gallon of coffee...
I shot the above photo from Singapore...The taxis there are
covered with all kind interesting Ads! O'yes, as promised, I wish to share
more of my 'Singapore photos' from my last trip this week okie*

errr...come to think of it, my office isn't really
a JUNGLE today!
But more like this :
" Good morning Mr. Boss....
pleasssse be gentle today...I'm sill having jet laggggg...
Is this the wrong time to ask you to review
my Christmas Bonus???
Didn't I perform very well in Singapore?!
You like my glowing sun tan...errr-errr??? "
Have a wonderful NEW* Week Everyone!
...off to work now!!! ~XOXO*
-additional images via Pixadaus & MarthaStewart.com



After a very looooong...17 hours flight,
I'm so glad to say that I'm finally back home-sweet-home!
The best part about coming home has always been
A LOVE FEST Welcome Greetings*
by loved onesssss...
~Take a look :
~Weeehhh...sure received
Lots & lots of tail wagging excitements
...LOVE festival indeed!
" pleassssse....
" my-my....this LOVE Fest is just
a little too much...give me a few seconds
to catch my breath...will ya' "
" ...ready for more??? You know
I give you more-more MORE!!! "
" ready or not !!! "
" We've been very-very good while
you were away...
We learned new trick
heart-shape-tails... you like?! "
[There's really nothing better than receiving unconditional LOVE*]

~XOXO*via home-sweet-home*
-My 5 loving Pugs Photo ©LENORENEVERMORE


Early FliGHt*

... Ladies & gentlemen, a brief intermission... At about sunrise, eeeeeck*... that's less than 7 hours from now, I have to be at the airport... "Home-Sweet-Home here I come!" ~Thank you everyone for taking this journey with LENORENEVERMORE to Singapore... Shall continue 'photo-sharing' when I get home okie* I need to get my beauty sleep now...I have arranged with the hotel to give me TWO wake up calls = one at 5.55am and the other at 6am...errr just incase!!! Simply don't want to miss my flight, you know... Been there & done that before...it was such a big hassle to reschedule a flight! ~Anyhow, see you back home darrrlingsss.... ~XOXO*



Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Thank you darlingsss...for the all the nice compliments
on the 'TWINs' (-see previous post)
Really not sure why I decided to show them off!
errr...must be the water or the humidity on this island...
~that's it!!! ...let's blame it on the drinking water
and also the humid weather !!!
...just hope I would know how to
draw the line from now on...
no more cleavage CLOSE-UP from me!
but you simply never know...errr???
(I'm quite unpredictable like that! Plus...
I still have other million things to blame it on!)
The 'formal' weekend party I attended was
really fabulousss...even-though
I didn't know 99% of the people there! errr...perhaps
that's why it was really-really FAB!!!~whahhh...
Took lots of photosss... including my new dress!
So sorry BUT need more time to edit
& post them...promise okie!
in the meantime, I'm enjoying myself in Sentosa Island
for the next 2 days... Singapore is having a public holiday, so
"weeehhh..." no more business appointments until I fly back
Thursday morning....oooh I miss home & everyone!
especially my baby-gang, the 5 dogsssss...
~XOXO* via Singapore*
- To check out Sentosa Island click HERE
- Vintage pics via Pixadaous.com
PS: ...so sorry guys, can't reply to your lovely comments & emails at the moment... my hands are busy applying SPF 1000!!!



BAMMM !!! + Woo-Hoo...
Fitting room action-pose
while trying on this FUN*
(Double FUN!) dress today...
...Hello everyone, meet my 'twins!' Please trust me, in person they don't really look this perky, voluptuous & fabulous! Must be the right camera angle....or the right lighting... or something like that??!! I couldn't believe it(or them!)myself when I downloaded this picture from the camera...Woweee they look HUGE! ...really, MUST be some kind of MIRACLE & camera magic...hmmm??? But guess what; at the end, I did NOT purchase this little number of a dress... I thought it was just wayyy too riskayyy & saxayyy for this formal dinner event that I'll be attending this weekend. Errr...I prefer to say "hello" with words & perhaps with my smile, but NOT with my boobs!!! Anyway, I guess the 'drama' will have to continue...have until tomorrow to find the right formal & less riskayyy dress! Another stressful event, my Big Boss flew in earlier this evening from Hong Kong to attend this special invitation as well...and he is very conservative! oooh...He would really make me to wear a turtle neck sweater with that saxayyy dress!!! ~hee*
This NOT a Crime Scene!
Just my feet needed Tender-Loving-Caring attention!
...they're so tired from walking from shop to shop...
Hmmm...Singapore is truly a Shopping Paradise!
~here are more 'tired-feet-action-poses' :
" ooooohhh......"
" aaaaahhh....."
" ooohhh-aaahhh..."
[ done on the clean floor of a shopping mall!
whahhh...am I a Drama Queen or what?! ]
shhhhh...look at what I smuggled into my
hotel bed room this evening!
"hello gorgeousss...you guys are going to
relief me from some minor stress okie!"
[ errr...I do have conversation with my food sometimes! ]
...sooo good !!!
They sure were very comforting~
yesss...all six of them Darlings!
[errr...they were small donuts...burp*]
~to be continued darling...hope to have
some photos of my dress & the party in the
next post okie*
In the meantime, enjoy* & have
a Wonderful+Delicious Weekend*
~XOXO* via Singapore~



... Singapore is a fast paced cosmopolitan city where western & eastern cultures constantly melded. A place where forms of almost every culture and people from around Asia can be found in this single island. However, in a city like Singapore that is constantly changing and renewing itself, it has become quite difficult to find places that have been left unchanged.... old buildings & architecture have become even more so preciousss...

~Old Singapore photos [via here]
... This weekend I have been invited to a formal dinner reception & guess what?! With the amount of clothessss & shoesss... I've brought, none screams FORMAL! So I was in search for the right evening 'FORMAL' dress today... I had tried on a few pieces, but being the usual picky-me, did not find any that 'suits my fancy!'. O'well... still have the next couple of days...I'm on a mission now to find the right dress to impress!!! A colleague here has asked me to check out Robinson's (a Dept store at Centre Point that carries some formal wear) ...errr nothing to be impressed really... BUT-Instead I found a more interesting place to wander...it's just next to the Dept Store. Yesss...Some great old buildings! Which I guess have been spared from demolition- & well-preserved as well!
~Take a look okie*
errrrr...more like LOOKing UP !!!
That was what I did when I took these photos...
here are just some of them :

" You like Darrrlingsss...??? "
~Well...You better LOVE them!
cos' looking up & taking picturesss in this
hot-humid location are not that easy-
you know...especially on certain part of the body!
just hope I won't need this
by tomorrow!
...Still exploring & 'looking-up' in Singapore
- 'Old Windows' Photo ©LENORENEVERMORE


Colorful LUCKy Friends*

" Hellooo...meet my new
colorful friends in Singapore! "
... Yesterday I had a very looooong & boooooring business meeting in Kallang, an industrial location(not a glamorous place at all! But I'm working hard to earn my Christmas Bonu$ ~you know...). Fortunately or I should say LUCKILY, there was this fish tank at the reception area. So during our short breaks I rushed to it and say hi to these beautiful new friends... I have noticed most of the establishments here have a fish tank near the entrance area. Being curious, I asked one of the receptionists and she explained that it's a tradition! Having fishes and water elements near the entrance door is supposed to bring them 'luck'...errr I'm quite sure it has to do with the art of Fen Shui! Whatever it is, LUCKY for me that I could take some pictures of these adorable-colorful-creatures! I think they were as curious as I was!! Perhaps they enjoyed watching me doing my fish impression as I pressed my face against the glass tank & did the "kissie-kissie-kissie + Gulp-gulp-gulp Action" Anyway, here are more ~Enjoy them as much as I did Darrrlingsss...

This is what I did in front of the fish tank...
Well-well-well...I just hope they won't mention
anything about it to my boss
back in the States!!! ~Whahhh...
errr...try this 'Fishie-Kiss-Action' sometimes...
heard it helps to tighten our facial muscles!!!