"...am I ever going to come back to my regular posts?" ANSWER=


~YooHooiii... How is everyone? Glad to inform you that I'm still ALIVE! {energetic nodding 'YES!') Anywayyy...I find this quite interesting: Do you know that there are varying theories as to why nodding is so frequently used to mean "yes"? One simple theory is that it is a form of bowing, indicating that one is prepared to accept what another person is saying or requesting. It has also been stated that babies, when hungry, search for their mother's milk by moving their heads vertically, but decline milk by turning their head from side to side [The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, written by Charles Darwin in 1872].

PS: Once again, thank you very much for your loveliness via comments & emails for the past 2 weeks! They mean so much to me, LOVE you long time!!

Have a Gorgeous Weekend Everybody!


" It certainly hasn't been easy for me lately..."

Dearest friends & lovely readers,
My health isn't doing as well as I have thought.
Once again I'm struggling to keep up with LENORENEVERMORE & the Blog Sphere.
Don't get me wrong, I dare to say that blogging is still one of my favorite things to do
,,,but with my recent/pending health issues, I simply have to take another break...
It seems that I find myself down in the valley of life once again...
trying & hoping to climb back up again, where the view is so much better.
To put it mildly, the view really-really-really sucks at the moment!!!

...receiving a clean bill of health from the doctors is my main priority at the moment.
Thank you for your kind support & understanding.
Hope to be back here with more healthy mind+body+spirit &
of course visual delightssssss...
as always
-Photography by Ellen Von Unwerth via TFS & Tom Schirlitz


errr...My invitation must have been lost in the mail I think?!

... As some of you may know, Mr Valentino & I (ehem-ehem!) have something in common; the lurrrve for our darling pugs! (We both have our 5 pugs,,,me-minus the butlers, private jet, yacht & French château of course!). Anyway, descending on Valentino Garavani's Wideville château for the opening of his fabulous archives recently, were the likes of Valentino lovers from all over the world (minus, me!!~sobs*). Thank goodness former model Astrid Muñoz a.k.a the stylish shutterbug, hit the fête to share the photos with all of us, ~yup, those of us who have 'lost the Invitation in the mail'!!! [Click HERE to view more photos of the fabulous evening]. Although Valentino has been retired for quite sometime from his illustrious fashion career, his talent should continue to be cherished+celebrated...
PS: Have any of you watched Valentino's 'The Last Emperor' documentary film? ~lurrrve it!!!


Briefly~ afterall, it's Monday!

...it's not very often that one gets a reminder of what day it is via a pair of knickers! Amusing yet lovely briefs from designer Stella McCartney's new lingerie line~ now available HERE. Well...Of course the weekend pairs would be my favorites ...errr Monday as usual, is still not a 'Happy Day' for me~ no surprise there!


Weekend is upon us...

~Thank you so much everyone!
I am feeling much-much better today. Things appear mostly back to normal(well...almost!). My doc had added antibiotic to my prescriptions. I finally called her after several days of the dreadful symptoms. It has not had time to take effect yet but I am hoping it will help to alleviate more problems in the future. As always, I am very much comforted by your caring & kind comments and want you to know how grateful I am! Thank you again!!
~Take a look at what I found recently for one of the projects that I'm working on:
Aren't these sculptural outdoor furniture just so cozzzzzy...?
I really want to crawl inside~so cocoon-esque!

The contemporary design of thesse outdoor daybeds from Locsin International for Neoteric Luxury are constructed with durable steel frames and wrapped with a superior quality woven synthetic wicker that is completely weatherproof.

Have a cozy+relaxing Weekend Darrrlingsss...
so glad to be back!


I was doing so well for the past few seasons...but

...suddenly I've fallen sick!
be back soon...
thank you
curtain closed
not the usual ~XOXO*
cos' it's viral?!
only human
* sobs+sniffs *
[...errr perhaps I've caught a 'haiku virus' or something??? ]
-Photo via gettyimages.com


~Have a spectacular Fourth of July!

... I was absolutely in awe when I first saw images by Arthur Mole (around 1917-18), he created them by arranging thousands of people, including military troops, into American patriotic symbols. The symbols could be seen from a bird’s eye perspective and were recognized as support for American’s involvement during World War I. For example, the above Statue of Liberty representation includes 18,000 officers and men at Camp Dodge in Des Moines, Iowa, where Colonel William Newman was commanding and Colonel Rush S. Wells was directing. Amazzzing aren't they? The above framed prints are being reproduced now exclusively through Wisteria~click HERE to purchase.
... Still in awe I must say...especially the fact that these images were taken almost a century ago! Yup~ without any aid of pixel-generating computer/ Photoshop software. Photographer Arthur Mole (1889-1983) only used his 11 x 14-inch view camera to stage a series of extraordinary mass photographic spectaclessssss...


" I'm Hoooooome..."

Well Hello-hello!!
...After almost 18 hours up in the air,
you can imagine how happy I was to be landed back home- sweeeeeet home!
Once again, I was greeted by some lovely familiar sights!
how I have missed those curly-curly tails~
" what?!! Not me face??? "
Any great plans this weekend guys? I'm definitely planning to pamper my furry kids
a.k.a bubbly bath time! errr...I must admit that they do smell a little funky!
I know they will enjoy some quality time with me at the LENORENEVERMORE Pet Spa!
Have a wonderful weekend everybody~
...and for those of us here in the States, Happy Fourth of July!