NightFall in Paris.....

~The old city of Paris can be hauntingly beautiful
at night... Let's take a slow crawl...~oops, I mean stroll!
be afraid......

be very afraid....wooohhh
BOO !!!

~hope that was a spook'tacular Paris city tour*
I don't know about you...but
I'm going to bed with all the lights on tonight!
...this hotel building that I'm staying in
must be hundreds of years old...eeeeeck!!!.
" HAPPY HaLLoWeeN !!! "
Greetings from Paris

'home away from home'

" Hellooooo...Bonjour...."
My favorite coat & bag match the Paris hotel room~
...all I need now is a pair of purple boots
& I am all set to be part of the decor...~whahhh*

this is is where I click-click-click & hit publish
a.k.a blogging*

O'dear...I'm still not over my jet-lag!
you know what...I'll be busy rearranging the furniture
when I wake up at 3 am!!! ~I'm dangerous like that!

Yup! I did jump up & down on it...
[all by myself~ sob-sob*]
Moment like that makes me want to have a playful hubby!!!
...or lover! I want to burn some calories on the bed...
my-my-my...what came over me?!
sorry about that, I think this fabulous city simply gets me
in the mood for romance somehow! [~blush-blush**]

" jet lag please disappear ASAP! "
a few important meetings with business clients coming up...
I'll try my best not to fall asleep on their shoulders!!!
errr...that won't be very professional I think...
well...I guess it all depends?! ~ehem-ehem*"

Show off time~hehe*
they are my 'fun' lovers for now...keeping me warm+ cozy!

I think they should bring this hairstyle back!...sexy non?!
Well Darlings, today is going to be a busy day
full of business meetingsss for me...
Wish me all the best & hope I can score BIG on
my Christmas Bonus from the big boss!
Truly appreciate this BLOG world...a great escape for me for sure!
I sincerely thank you for all the friendships I have in this
creative community~ that's all of you, lovely people...
Greetings via Paris


"...pardon my French"

I am finally here!
:arrived safely on a lovely Fall morning...
the weather couldn't be better ~gloriousss...
no missing luggage...well,almost perfect I'd say!
...butterflies in my stomach time darrrlings!
"...can't wait to
fall in love
with Paris all over again! "
Til' then everyone...~more to come okie*/d'accord
By the way, I was warming-up my French before I flew here...
Do you know where & how ??
Via Youtube Darlings! [keyword: French Lesson!]
That's right, Youtube...Oui! Oui!!
" Merci beaucoup YouTube! "
Lurrrve...Youtube for so many reasons I tell ya'! ~whahhh*
-Photo by ©LENORENEVERMORE -'Oui' Ring by Christian Dior via Tfs


Here I go again~

Time to pack and leave
home-sweet-home once again Darrrlingsss...
trying my very best to travel lighter
this time ...errr-errr ???..

Should be getting much-much better by now...

PS: Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments & emails... Forgive me for not being able to reply at the moment... ~Beautiful Paris is waiting for me... Certainly hope to share more of my travel photos very soon okie* ~'au revoir' for now! ~XOXO*



~Hellooooo...Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.
I had quite a relaxing one... Started the morning by filling up
my thermos with hot chocolate and drove to the countryside.
You know...back to nature and fresh clean air... trying to
capture the season the best I could... ~Take a look :

" Winter is an ethereal sculpture

Spring is a lovely watercolor

Summer is a vibrant oil painting

Autumn~ errr...all of the above?!

That’s it! ~Great mosaic of them all... "


-Photo by ©LENORENEVERMORE [using Canon SD1100IS]


Sunday Best*

For God has not given us a spirit of fear...
but of power & of love & of a sound-peaceful mind. ~2Timothy1:7
" ~I Lurrrve it & crave them! "
-Cartoonist Roald Dahl -Verse commentary click here



This is on my 'wish list' since the longest time...
One fine day, I would really-really like to check it off my list!
Until then...this view via Celine's ride in Canada
would have to do just fine...
This is such a perfect way to view the Autumn leaves, no?!
Instead of flying, I plan to drive to the country side and view
the Autumn wonderland this weekend...yesssss*
Anyone been on an air-balloon? Do tell...I'm nosy like that!
" Have a LOVEly* Weekend Everyone! "
-Pics via her lovely Blog*~thank you Celine!


Riding on her Heels*

" When I'm riding around Dallas, I'm always dressed up in my heels. So people follow me and take a lot of pictures of me. I used to be really private and turn away from them, but now I think, ah' maybe they're getting a picture of the shoes "
~Rocio Ildemaro a.k.a scooter girl*
...Dallas-based shoe designer Rocio Ildemaro, is one of exciting talents to hit the footwear market and also one of the most unlikely. A former investment banker, she gave up crunching numbersss... & moved to Italy five years ago, where she learned the art of shoe-making and launched her namesake collection of boots and high heels (now going on her second full season), which she describes as "classic with a rock star twist." Her fabulous shoes, are fast becoming a cult favorite among fashion editors. ~Isn't she quite a character?! Always admire those who chase after their dreams & passions ...oooh that scooter is such a darling as well! ~You go girrrlll !!!
-Click Here to view her shoe collection -Source via Wmagz


...Aren't they beyond SWEET*-ness?! ...almost gave me 'diabetes' I tell ya'! If this visual feast doesn't cheer+brighten our gloomy day... I don't really know what will darrrlings...[errrrr...I'm sure there are plenty...example; receiving my Christmas Bonus ASAP perhaps?! That would be sweeter than sweet! ~Yup*]
-Pics via Autumn/Winter collection fm Denmark based brand: Rice



" wooofff ! x3 "
Halloween comes a little early to the street...
Found this during my cheese pizza lunch break;
[click-click-click* while munch-munch-munch*]
...once again, This is 'so wrong yet so right' moment!
Must share* ~eeeck+whahhh...

Pink & Roll*

.... Cashmere Tissue rolls out Toilet Paper Couture* for Breast Cancer Month in Toronto, Canada! Top and emerging designers draped-shaped rolls & rollsss...of toilet paper into fabulous pink-and-white creations as part The Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some of you might know that my dear sister is a breast cancer survivor...Thank God she is doing well now, amen!! Well as usual, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close and the pink ribbons and products you see in the stores will fade away and be quickly replaced with the usual reds & greens for the coming Christmas season, which in my humble opinion seems to get earlier & earlier each year no?! ~Should just remind ourselves that even after all ‘the pink ribbon-ness’ has disappeared, unfortunately breast cancer has not. ~Let's hope we'd find a cure in our life time... ~XOXO*
-Photo & Source via Cashmere