Vintage Photo:

Excuse me, do you know who she is? errr...me neither!
But I do adore her fashion; looking very much '2012', isn't it?
Plus, her 'yoga-like-pose' to show off her fabulous cocktail ring!
I did try to pose like her in front of the mirror (blushed).
Well...not so easy to do I tell ya! 
I guess I'm not as flexible lately...a.k.a as stiff as a board!
Go ahead try it for yourself, but do not strain yourself pretty please...
If you can do it easily, I'd be truly impressed~ that's all!
p.s: i need a good+long Swedish massage i think...


-Photographer: Unknown


Cozy DIY

Here are my collection of cozy socks...
I do lurrrve to slip a pair on during cold winter nights at home.
Excuse me...has this ever happened to you?
When I do my laundry, the other pair of socks sometimes would go missing,
~poofed* disappeared, just vanished! 
I suspect my laundry machine has swallowed them!
(could it be that my dogs ate them?!? errr...the mystery lives on!)
There're certainly lonely-single socks just sitting in my laundry room, 
their mates have gone forever...

Well Helo there...this is quite a witty DIY project.
Sweet Paul has recycled his old knit sweater; 
snip the sleeve + a simple glass vessel + fresh flowers & ~Voilà!
oooh...very cozy winter vase! I can do this with my socks now!


-Photo ©LENORENEVERMORE & A Grablewiski for SweetPaul

Oh Baby!

Hope you had a lovely weekend?
The highlight of my weekend was to meet
my friend's baby for the first time ~such a delight!
Let me introduce you to her new little bundle of joy...
...his name is Oliver!
...isn't Oliver such a darling?

I always find it interesting how parents come up with names for their babies.
My friend told me that she had narrowed down to 5 names, and the 
moment she noticed her baby's adorable nose, Oliver it is...just like that!
I'm sure many new parents are experiencing 'baby name dilemma', yes? 
Oh no...not me! I have decided on the name for my future baby (blushed*). 
I'd like Liam for a boy & Lia for a girl.
Liam / Lia Nevermore (say it out loud) ...hmm sounds not bad at all!
Nice name for a baby or a blog! ~hah!
Any thoughts on your favorite baby names?




Weekend is upon us...

are they cute or are they cute??
a doll's toy-bed makes the most perfect prop 
for Kayleen Theobald's baby photography.
* squeals! *

Any interesting plans for you this weekend?
I'm going to visit one of my co-workers who is in the hospital at the moment. 
Just yesterday, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy!
Looking forward to see them, perhaps even get a chance to hold the 
precious newborn(oh~I'd like that!), and be part of this joyous & beautiful experience.
Obviously I'm curious to find out about her first epidural experience as well!
(I'm nosy like that!)

Have a Relaxing+Cozy Weekend Everyone!

-Photos © Kayleen Theobald


" Don't judge me pretty please..."

I'm a huge fan...still lurrrve me some ABBA!
Their catchy songs and of course their memorable kitschy fab 70's fashion!!

The lyrics are priceless, aren't they? ~LOL!
Excuse me, do you have any favorite ABBA pop hit?
If you must know, my all time favorite has got to be Dancing Queen!
They're coming out with never-before-heard-recorded-song for 
the first time in almost two decades! [you may read the full story HERE]
It's due to come out in April this year! I'm totally intrigued+psyched now!


-Allbum cover via ABBA Europopstar


Simple Baking Ingredients

Ikea published a collection of baking recipes called 
Hembakat är Bäst (translation: Homemade Is Best)
It has such a refreshing approach to food styling & photography...

Styled by Evelina Bratell & Photographed by Carl Kleiner
Lurrrve...the pristine artful arrangement on the simple+basic
baking ingredients. Reminds me of a modern art installation!
[ we can also now watch Carl Kleiner's videos for Ikea on Vimeo ] 



Monkey Talks

" still can't decide...corset or liposuction?? "
" helloo...just you wait, we'll be 
as famous as the Olsen twins! "
" first time in this massage parlor dear?
there's an extra charge for 'happy-ending'...
no money no honey! 
I accept credit cards or peanuts too. "
" lalalalala...i did not hear that! lalalala... "
" excuse me...I'm not small, I'm petite~ "
" guys, can we just stop somewhere and get a 
a cup of coffee...and a helmet!! "
" precisely, to be or not to be..."
" 2 B yeah 2B 2B yeah-yeah-yeah...errr??? "
" woooh...air bubble-bubble-bubbles...
errr...did someone have beans for lunch today? "
" I can always recommend you my dentist if you like! "
" madam, now I can see your huge pores on your nose...
really I can! Are those what they call blackheads? ~ewww! "
" W W W dot PETA dot C O... 
errr...where the heck is the M ? "

You know monkeys can talk, right?
Well, at least in my strange mind they do...
p.s: Thanks for all your comments/replies, there're 
a couple of you born in the same (Chinese) year of the monkey.
I guess we belong in the same clan!


2012~ The Year of The Dragon

'12 Animal Years ' crayon carvings by artist Diem Chaw  
Oh my-my...how amazing are they!
The Chinese Zodiac is a twelve year rotation and there is an animal 
associated with each year. If you must know ~I'm a Monkey!
Character/personality traits for those born in the year of the Monkey:
clever, creative, improviser, intellectual, inventive, sociable, quick-witted. 
errr-errr...intellectual, me really??!
All I know is that I'm curiously nosy, that's for sure!
" so excuse me...what is your animal sign? "
[ to find out your animal year, you may click HERE ]


-Photo Diem Chaw portfolio found via lvman

Traditional Chinese Red

Over the weekend I managed to sort through more of my recent travel photos.
 The set above were taken in Singapore Chinatown.
I think they're the perfect images for today, as billions of Chinese people
around the world are celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year all this week!

Traditionally, many people will be wearing red clothing during the festive celebrations.
Red is a very important color in Chinese culture; symbolizing prosperity, 
good fortune and luck! Perhaps I should wear something red too, cos' I'll be facing the 
angry boss yet again this week! errr...I may need all the lucks! {refer to my previous post]

To those who are welcoming the year of the dragon 2012,
Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

-Photos ©LENORENEVERMORE  &  Model Du Juan by Chen Man for Vogue China


Weekend is upon us...

Graphic Print by Heng Swee Lim

I'm deliriously happy to welcome the weekend...really I am!!!
It's been a challenging week at work.(sobs*)
I'm grateful that I wasn't fired by the big boss,
woops~ I made too many humanlysillymistakes this week! 
It was quite scary to watch his face turning lobster-red.

' Have a Happy Weekend Everyone! '


French Factory Girls

...such pretty-pretty factory workers 
young French models minus the heavy make-up in lovely boiled wool pieces.
ahhh...only in a fashion world, non?
FW 2011-12 lookbook from Jacquemus 

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far
...i can't wait for the weekend to arrive!

"Hello" from around the World!

...aren't they so charming?
The red Vespa is just too cute!
'Global Greeting Card Set' exclusively designed for Anthropologie 
by the talented Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.
It's always so inspiring to watch a passionate artist at work in her own environment!



" Hello! "


~Well hello-hello everyone!
I've been falling head over heels with this truly AMAZING Video...
Got to be the BEST amateur video editing I've seen lately.
Much love+good cheers to all the creative people out there as always!

-Lionel Richie poster found via creativecollection  -Video by Mat

Got a Scarf?

Simply 'knot' a few times and ~Voilà! 
oooh...fancy, I can do that!
[ plus, 37 more ways to tie a scarf click HERE ]


-Photo via Mekari


Girls Say What?!

Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, the creators behind the latest smash hit viral video series!
shit girls say videos youtube
Oh my-my... their web-videos are definitely gender stereotyping, 
but absolutely hysterical!!! 
Hysterically look+sound so familiar to some of us perhaps
p.s: The duo's daily twitter is hee-heelarious as well!


Meryl Streep - Isn't She Lovely

Rare on-set portraits of Meryl Streep by Brigitte Lacombe,
which were taken over the course of their 31-year relationship.
did you watch her Golden Globes acceptance speech for Best Actress last night?
She got bleeped a.k.a censored for her potty mouth!
She slipped the 'S'-word after realizing that she had forgotten her reading glasses!
Regardless, Meryl Streep is as adorable as ever~ lurrrve her!
I'm hoping to watch her great portrayal as Margaret Thatcher in 
The Iron Lady this coming weekend! Has anyone watched the movie yet? 


-Photos via NOWNESS.Com