Color Exposure in Paris

light, clair (clare) ~ light blue bleu clair
darkfoncé (fon-say) ~ dark blue bleu foncé
Determine to improve my French daily while in Paris. 
errr-errr...not that easy i tell ya'
Learning how to French Kizz was definitely much easier! LOL
greetings from Paris

-Photo ©LENORENEVERMORE Greetings from Paris


The sun briefly reappeared...

As usual around this time of the year,
the sun has been playing hide & seek on all of us here in Paris.
The fog & rain are expected to come back this week.
I may need to get a bigger umbrella perhaps...
Excuse me, how is the weather in your zipcode?
greetings from Paris!
greetings from Paris

brand NEW bag

" Hello everyone! "
Show-off time once again! (blushed*)
errr...like my new bag?
Got it from one of my favorite shops in Paris...oh the smell of leather ~a huge turn ON!!
Quite a large tote bag, yes? I can fit a small microwave inside i think!
 If you have naturally larger hips there is something you can do to make them smaller.
Like I always say, the bigger the bag the smaller the hips! ~hah!
Rain or shine, I've been carrying the same bag around Paris lately~
I lurrrve... ISAAC REINA for his understated design & the scrumptious quality leather!
After working for Hermès as their artistic director in accessory, Isaac Reina launched 
his Edition de sacs collection & opened this first small Paris shop in 2006.


-Photo ©LENORENEVERMORE Greetings from Paris


Climbing Vines

I was admiring the ivy plant which is covering the facade of the Carnavalet Museum 
in the heart of Le Marais, the fashionable right bank district of Paris.

There's always something so incredibly romantic about climbing vines on an old wall, yes?
I've seen a lot of ivy cultivars and many of them do turn reddish in the colder months,
but this particular ivy is really turning to such a vibrant red! 

Can you see the courtyard garden? 
The classic parterre design is absolutely gorgeous
and certainly look its best when viewed from above!
Hope you're enjoying my Paris posts so far...
I still have about another week here everyone!
Greetings from Paris




wishing all of you back home-sweet-home in the US
A Happy Thanksgiving!
And to all the people across the pond (ehem, including me!) 
0ooooh...why not! Happy Thanksgiving to all us!

p.s: My dear brother sent me this *link* today. I think it's 
a good article to read + ponder as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day!

-Photo by Julie Blanner


31 Rue Cambon, PARIS

A rare photo of the fashion legend herself in front of her shop taken bDouglas Kirkland in 1962.
 Fashion changes, 
but style endures  ~COCO CHANEL
Recently, I had a lunch meeting right across from the same shop where she once stood. 
Of course I would not miss a photo-opportunity of the iconic building!

Although Coco Chanel had her private suite at the Ritz, which is within a walking distance 
from 31 Rue Cambon, she also kept a lavish private apartment in this building.
~Let's take a peek inside:
Her exquisite apartment is on the third floor...almost everything has been frozen in time!

Do you remember this great fashion moment back in 2008? ^
Karl Lagerfeld decided to recreate the '31 Rue Cambon' to the fashion crowd 
at the Grand Palais. A life-size facade of the Chanel building, complete with 
a street-runway had been built into the fashion show venue! ~how amazing was that?!
Greetings from Paris
p.s : Just found out recently that CHANEL has a Blog as well ~Oh là là indeed! 



Dear Diary,

My Taxi driver was writing his diary...
That's right, while he was DRIVING!!!
errr...I really should get a life insurance, huh?
Thankfully i survived the taxi ride to live another day in Paris!
Still enjoying & celebrating all my senses...
oui s'il vous plait!
one of each pretty pleassse...
To sum it all up,
I almost died and went to macaron heaven!~Literally!
these heavenly macarons are from Patisserie Sadaharu Aokia Japanese pastry chef 
who has made it big in Paris by combining the traditional French techniques and Japanese
flavors. When in Paris, I do recommend a visit to this unique patisserie ~YUM! 
Greetings from Paris


Bonjour de Paris!

I have arrived safely in this fabulous city!
Surprisingly, without any major jet lag nor lost luggage!
Well, let the new adventures begin...
First thing first,
" well hellooooo... stranger! "
[a.k.a cutefrenchboyz]
errr...fortunately my bf back home is a secure trusting very understanding man! (wink*)
I Have a good feeling this is going to be another wonderful stay in Paris for me ~oui-OUi!
Greetings from Paris 



Here I go again~

Charming illustrations from the book 'This Is Paris' (1959) by Miroslav Sasek

...off to Paris!
Another exciting opportunity for me to work+explore the charming 
City of Lights once again. Hope to squeeze some time to share my travel photos 
with all of you when I get there, okie*  ~Until then Everyone!



Recent Crush*

Sparkling & flattering classic cut from Tory Burch 
wool blazer + pants  ~would prefer to wear them separately though...
Lovely DIY project
I can picture the bouquet in a simple vase next to a table lamp perhaps?

Adore this paper goods store where we can find a large 
selection of booklets and handmade stationary items. 
Admire how they've styled the products; beautiful organized clutter!  
Do you enjoy watching artist at work like I do? Then you will certainly enjoy this video 
of Cristóbal Schamal as he draws using both wet and dry media ~so fascinating!