...Isn't this an incredible House?
Perched on a teeny-tiny island in San Sebastian!
My good pal, Pet and his two boys went swimming nearby & captured this photo recently.
I always crave for moments like this...travelling, discovering something 
so surreal & sharing it with others ~Thanks Pet!
-Photo courtesy of Pet at Pencil and Box 
-Please credit original source & link back when re-posting to your blog/sites~Thanks! 



Are you having a good week so far? It's been quite a hectic one for me.
You see...I'm planning another overseas trip very soon!
Certainly was a nice change of pace when I met up with my young niece 
over dinner. Hanging out with her always brightens up my day!
" it's so sooooooft... " she repeated herself to me.
errr...I think she wants to borrow it!
I have to agree, still my favorite softest leather bag to carry & touch!
[ woven leather bag is from HERE ]
...what else-what else?
These hand painted porcelain bangles are from Golden Ink.
Something about their organic shapes & tactile material...
Plus, the color compliments the restaurant canary yellow decor ~LOL*
Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! 
-Photo ©LENORENEVERMORE & Golden Ink


Today someone told me to stop using the word 'cute' in a sentence!

" so cuuuuuute..."
[ what can I say...I'm extremely eloquent like that! ]
P.S: Their CUTE faces somehow reminded me of a couple i know...hmmm?
-Photo via PepperMintBliss

So tell me guys...

...is this cute or is this cute?
currently lurrrving...just below the knee skirts
[ cute Stripe Skirt from ASOS $53.79 USD ]
stripe skirt


Vintage Shopping~

Over the weekend, I was shopping around to find vintage chairs for my breakfast room.
Well, couldn't find the right piece for the right price (picky-picky-picky me!).
Plus, I can get easily distracted as usual...
~this time by her FACE!
~QUACK! Just take a look at her face...how cute is that!
Couldn't help myself~ she must simply come home with me...
I think she is quite happy in this spot for now...
" Home sweet home Miss Ethel! "
errr...doesn't she look like an 'Ethel' to you?
 yup, I certainly give names to all my furniture!~LOL*
I think her 'quirkiness' would add some charms to my den now...


SMILE...it's Monday!

[ Police mug shots from the 1920s found via All The Mountains ]
[ celebrity mugshot metal case card holder ]
What SmiLe ???
Guilty as Charged!
[ Moschino Cheap Chic knits by photographer François Rotger for Marie Claire ]
~But hopefully...there's something to smile about today!
I received Starbucks gift certificate for my birthday last week. 
As I rarely drop by the Starbucks many locations...
I was delightfully surprised to discover that
Starbucks are now serving new deliciousness! ~take a look:
 yummm...Starbucks, really?!
Did you all know about this? ~I didn't!
later today, 'gift-cert' & I will be at the Starbucks 
queue line to get a bunch of them! I'd like to share these scrumptious 
sweet pops with the office peeps. Hopefully, by sharing bribing my colleagues,
they would finally stop stealing the pens from my desk! ~extremely high Hope, huh?!
-Photos found via All The Mountains, ShopKitsonFashiongonerougeStarbucks edited by me


Weekend is upon us...

" hmmm...what's still missing in my Breakfast Room? "
~Hellooo...What are you guys doing this weekend?
I'm planning on scouring the vintage+thrift shops for a set of dining chairs...
and would love to have them painted creamy ivory white to match my china.
I hope it's going to be a fun little DIY weekend project.
...also hoping not to break any manicured nails in the process!  
Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!


Here’s to politeness...

* Thank You So Much! *
for all the lovely comments, emails and gifts on my B'Day!
I've said this before & I shall say it again,
" ...love you long time! You've made me even Happier! "
Perhaps this is the best way to interpret/illustrate my JOY & happiness:

as always!


Today is the day~

ehem-ehem ...where's my CAKE ???
who needs a knife to slice when I have this!
hmmm...I think this should be more civilized 
can't wait to snuff out those candles today!
cos' today is my burrrrDAY ! 
" ~weeehhhhhh..."
(I should quit being so juvenile huh?)
If you must know my age,
well...I am sixteen-something!
Absolutely adore these paintings by Kelly Reemtsen. 
Plus, those vintage clothes on the ladies are so pretty, yes?
P.S: Looking forward to a mini birthday party
 that my friends are throwing for me!
Shall try my best to look pretty+fierce today (blushed*) 
-Paintings ©Kelly Reemtsen found via English Muse


ART + FOOD lurrrvers

Inspired by 'The Basket of Apples' ~ Paul Cezanne, 1893

'Homage to the Square' series ~ Josef Albers, 1950-1976

the famous dripped paint series ~ Jackson Pollack, 1947-1952

Inspired by the 'Spot' series ~ Damien Hirst, 1990s
Such brilliant inspirations~ 
so perfect for those art lovers, don't you think?
Lurrrve...that expressive chocolate splattered Pollack design.
Perhaps I should drip & splatter some Nutella on my toast today!
* YUM *
-Photos: cake designs via Martha Stewart & art images via ArticMet Museum,WikipediaTate.


Spring Splendor*

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend?
I was back in my country house once again... 
just in time to enjoy the blooming fruit trees!
Spring is really happening~ Finally!
Please enjoy this little bit of splendor from my weekend:
This is a matured white flowering plum tree growing next to the garage.
Oh, looks so breathtaking this time of the year!
...the showy delicate flowers only bloom once a year & for less than a week!
" better savor this special moment while it lasts..."
Simply had to bring the outdoor-indoor so I could admire it some more!
A very simple branch flower arrangement would have to do....
" voilà ! "
Nothing like having fresh blossoms in the house, isn't it?
It's so wonderful to see the beginning sign of Spring all around!
This past winter has been too long & quite harsh on most of us. 
First day of Spring was certainly most welcome!
Are you seeing+feeling it in your zipcode already?




My dear fellow bloggers & lovely readers,
~Let's all join!
The Internet is a great tool that puts vast amounts of
important information+action at our fingertips.
Every single dollar(or any currency) would certainly help to provide more life shelters & supplies.
For more info & to donate = www.forjapanwithlove.com
Please pass this message to those we know...
' Thank You So Much! '
-Photo 'street performer' Tokyo 2010 ©LENORENEVERMORE



Photographs taken by my brother.
No...he is not a professional photographer,
he is a youth pastor! ~Amen+Hallelujah indeed!!
...and today is his BirthDAY!
When he was a baby I used to feed him cookies,,,while he was still sleeping!
He almost choked to death(woops!) errr...was I bad or was I bad?!
I'm absolutely glad he is still breathing now...
Happy Birthday to my dear Brother!
-Photo © with his permission


Oh why not!

...another *thought for the day*
" the bigger the bag the smaller the hips! "
...other less humongous sizes & colors also available HERE 
-Photo: OakNYC


Jimi Hendrix mosaic by artist Ed Chapman.
This portrait was made from over 5000 guitar picks! It was recently 
auctioned & sold for £23,000(about US$37,000), benefiting the UK Cancer Research. 
Amazzzing...isn't it? Would love to do something like this when I grow up+older
and have more spare time on my hands! It beats quilting or crocheting or Bingo games!
Somehow I've been thinking about 'getting older' lately...perhaps because I am 
literally getting older today! Yup~ everyday & every minute we all do get older, yes?
My thought for the day?! ~LOL*
What's yours today???
-Image ©Ed Chapman found via ChicModVintage


"ANNIE is that youuu..."

Raquel Zimmermann by Mario Zorrenti for Vogue Italia March 2011 (found via)
...Oh those curls!
reminded me of my favorite orphan & musical!
Anyone watched this wonderful musical before?
They're planning a remake of this classic movie, starring the young Willow Smith!
Developed by her daddy, Will Smith, Jay-Z & Sony.
(...not a huge fan of Classic-Remakes, I must say~)
errr-errr...'Annie' all grown up ???!
(my apology, some countries may not be able to view/upload this video due to licencing/copyright issue)
Inspiring lyrics as always!
certainly could use those simple reminders sometimes...


I have love in my tummy
...and much love for Japan!
My thoughts are still with the Japanese people who are going 
through the recent horrible tragedy, truly-truly hard times indeed.
Having been to the country many times, I certainly have more of
a special heartfelt connection. Update: Thankfully my colleagues in Tokyo
are all safe & sound! In fact, they're already back at work this week,
even with the rolling blackouts which are still occurring in the city. 
I bought this 'Heart Mold' from my recent Tokyo trip.
Adorable, isn't it? I can also make mini ♥ pancakes with it!
I have an extra brand new piece in my kitchen drawer right now.
" ...interested a chance to have it ??? "
Just simply leave a comment bellow, and
one of you will be randomly selected & informed later this week.
I'll be glad to mail it anywhere around the world for you ~Good Luck !
Wishing all of you much LuRRRve this week!
" Congrats Lady! "
this egg-mold will be mailed to you ~Enjoy it!