Munich Airport Terminal

Look at what I saw... a shiny German beauty!

" I want! I want!! "
[pardon me, i tend to repeat myself when I get too excited ]
~Oh scute, isn't it?

ultra sleek Lufthansa Business Class Lounge,
lurrrve...the stylish leather chair, but comfy it is not!  

a little something-something before our flight back to Paris...
a.k.a just chillin' + munchin'

Oh well...that was certainly a very short visit here!
"Auf Wiedersehen for now Munich!" 




jason said...

wow...that lounge is very chic!

No stains on the floor or business men sleeping on the chairs or anything. That's all I usually see waiting in airports :)

Cheryl Peters said...

They sacrificed comfort for style...what a shame. It seems they should be able to give you both without too much trouble. Oh, I must remember. Not everyone is as creative as you and me!!

Cindy said...

things can be so hard sometimes :). looks like a great trip. enjoy your weekend!

Jan said...

So did you shop and enter the competition LNM?
Love that colour.

Jo said...

Lady, looks like you are living the dream! And seeing some really dreamy things along the way!
Happy weekend!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I can picture myself & the pugs in that merz...le sighhh~
A cheap lip gloss doesn't count unfortunately!

Thank you & enjoy your weekend everyone!
More Paris pics to follow...

Mistress Maddie said...

What is a flight without some bubbly first.....the only thing better would be the nibbles and bubbly in the Benz!!!!!

Caroline said...

Ahhhh...can't wait, I will be in Munich in two weeks!!! YAY

Mekkan said...

Lenore, I know it is your business trip but-----I cannot help feel jealous of you. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

the US is SO not europe. it's 11pm here. most people are retiring to their slumbers, and i'm just thinking about what to concoct for dinner! i'll live euro vicariously through your blog and my late dinners! thank you! x

A~B said...

what a life you're having, Lenore!
Is that car vintage? I think I really want it too!

Susan said...

Curiously classic AND cool car design - love it!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Just a slice of my 'sweet' life that I'dshare... Trust me, it's not as sweet sometimes!

wow...you take your din-din so late!
Reminds me of the people in Spain!

I think it is! Fab isn't it?

Thank you everyone!

Sam said...

Oh my goodness! Such class - the car is uber classy! Your pre-flight snack looks very lovely too!