photo, "Deciduous" by Lenorenevermore
Excuse me... Anyone knows the difference between Fall & Autumn?
Perhaps the best answer would be Fall starts with the letter 'F' & Autumn with 'A' ??!
I noticed the trees around my zipcode are beginning to change color.
Amazing new season here we come...
lurrrve...the notched collar & cocoon silhouette of this peacoat
by Stella McCartney 
House & Garden, 1972

House & Garden, June, 1967

House & Garden, June, 1967
40+ years later... this interior design by John Dickinson(1920-1982)
still looks so modern & 'current', isn't it? 
He is also among the most noted furniture designers in the twentieth century,
and his pieces are highly sought after by the world collectors.
This 'sexy' image somehow makes me want to grab the spoon~*
As far as I'm concerned...
 I'll always scream for ice cream anytime of the year!



Helen said...

I am usually quite excited for autumn, not this year :( I don't know why. I hear it's going to snow A LOT, I hope not, my little car can't handle it!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Haha! Yes to the ice cream!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

loving ice cream and apple picking!

jason said...

Love that first pic, from 1972! Making me want walls just like that.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

i thought it was more of an english/american difference :)
Welcome back Lenore!!

Sécia Mischke said...

Loving the grittiness.

♥ sécia

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

yummy! the ice cream calls me! xo

Sarah said...

Hmmm good question. All I know is I lurrve Fall and Autumn ;) Pretty pictures!

- Sarah

David Toms said...

1967 and 1972 were very good years indeed! As to Leonard perfumes, yep they exist! The classic Leonard fragrance is Tamango which my mother used to wear.

Caroline said...

Hellooooooo my dear! It's been insanely too long! Love the vintage mag pics...and of course the ice cream!

Caroline said...

Hellooooooo my dear! It's been insanely too long! Love the vintage mag pics...and of course the ice cream!

ilikestuff said...

Ahhhh that camel double breasted coat is amaaaaaze! Makes me less sad that Fall is on the way.

Cheryl Peters said...

Me too! In fact, hubby and I had a hot fudge sundae this evening. Yum, yum!

Pet said...

Autumn is falling with style :-)

Unknown said...

Wonderful. x

Susana said...

Hey! Love those beautiful trees! Big hugs!

www.janetteria.com said...

Love that coat sooo much!


Jan said...

I can't change to Fall, I like the word Autumnal.
Also ice cream.
Have a lovely weekend Lenore!

Homemaker Man said...

The difference be between fall and autumn is that I feel like one would see a lot more tweed in autumn.

Great great home and garden pics.

Erin Lian said...

That icecream looks incredible! Yay for booties and tights!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Jan, I'll try my best to use the word Autumnal this season!

Guys, no matter what...soon enough, clearing the dead Fall/autumn leaves can be such a pain ~ha!
errr...leafs or leaves??
I really need an English tutor i think!

Thank you everyone!

Teddi said...

i seriously thought the ice cream shot was mashed potatoes, & gravy at 1st glance. to me the difference between fall & autumn is autumn sounds pretty, so some people name their girls that. fall is another name for the same thing. except i fall down far too often. :)