Ooohhh... it's time for another
confession by LENORENEVERMORE...
~I have this little obsession...
with creamy goodness white china...
it seems that I continue to purchase them
by the dozens...even though I have more than
enough...-enough to open a restaurant !!!
~errr...take a peep...

Welcome to my country breakfast room Darlings...
a.k.a my 'Great Wall of China' !
...always believe that food looks best on a
simple clean white china...
I have been collecting all different styles & makers...
just have to be plain white! ...Love to mix'N'match them!
Got them from all over...Dept stores, Antique & thrift shops,
catalogs...but some of my favorites are from my flea market trips!
I've been collecting them ever since I discovered
the joy of entertaining at home... Am I a good cook?
...you bet!! (ehem-ehem*) errr...well at least
my family & friends told me so... Well-well-well...MUST admit that
I have collected more than enough & should NOT buy
anymore from now on... ~errr-errr???

Well... at least it's better than
collecting CHAIRSsss !!!
whahaha... as usual, trying to justify myself!

...so 'obsessed' that
I was even inspired to create some artworks...
~here are some :

hmmm...not feeling so guilty now!
~That's right!...at least some 'artistic' expression
came out from this little obsession...yes?!
( oops...sounds like another 'self-justification' moment! )
I'm facing the 'stacks' as I'm typing this blog entry.
This is where I blog most of the time...
My-my-my...~Look at my stack of billsss I have to
sort out this weekend... Dang*
Those stacks of white China are definitely
so much nicer to look at !!!
~Have a Great Weekend* Everyone!
as you know...I shall always have something
to occupy myself!
" Any little (or big!) 'obsession' you'd like to confess???
~do share okie*...... "
- Photo & Artwork by LENORENEVERMORE
- Vintage photo via WeHeartit.com


Iva Messy said...

ooohhh but I like that obsession! its a good one! all white! so fantastic! and you are right, they make beautiful art pieces as well. ohhhh billlsss. On the bright side you get to look at your amazing "creamy goodness white" {lol} collection of lovely china while sorting out the bills yay! Can I say Gummi Bears as my cant get enough of item ? :-/ lol

Have a great weekend!

. said...

Oh wow, look at all that beautiful China!!! That's not a bad obsession at all.

Mekkan said...

Wow, look at those beautiful china. I agree that food looks best on a simple white china and I keep some too. But I also enjoy painting some little flowers on white china. They make nice gifts to my friends. So whenever I see beautiful simple white china, I glue to them then the image of bills scares me. Ahhh

Phoebe Limanta said...

my oh my! you have an amazing collection! :D i will be into beautiful china when i have a home of my own tehee :D

debra@dustjacket said...

"Great wall of China" that's a good one. I love white, off white china too.


Magdalena said...

Gorgeous!!! I too collect dishes and have hundreds of sets and thousands of individual pieces. BUT..I think my obsession is chairs, we have 20 chairs in our kitchen. We have parties all the time so at least everything gets used!!
Your Great Wall of China is stunning and truly a work of art.
(I actually have several cars outside filled with chairs and china for a party I'm hosting in Saratoga Springs today)
Have a lovely weekend

Jan said...

It's not like it's a harmful obsession - (unless you're planning on throwing them at somebody LNM !)
lovely weekend x

nevin said...

Brilliant! Lucky you are! I love it .

Chairs by Doris Salcedo is a brilliant Colombian-born sculptor. That was in istanbul biennial. One of the most strong images I ever see in my life.

Thanks for your lovely comment about my art. Have a great weekend...

Lara said...

its good to have a collection :)
...maybe not the chairs though!!! thats a little strange.

Unknown said...

Your collection is chic and classical! Now just have a huge party!

I buy dish sets too. But more like Martha Stewart I change colors with the seasons. I have one complete pottery set up over my kitchen cabinets (recently washed all the grease off them and put them back up)

I have a cobalt blue set and another blue pottery set on my kitchen hutch.

I have pink rose china and a clear crystal set in my dining room cabinet.

My collection has grown too large I took some to the cottage. A simple apple pottery set.

And what is weird is that I don't eat on them! What I eat on is a mish mash of restaurant and yard sale dinner ware. Why? because as the kid were growing up I didn't want them to break the pretty stuff LOL!

Couture Carrie said...

These photos are fab, L!
I love your Great Wall!
I adore white/ivory plates as well, though my collection pales in comparison to yours!

I am obsessed with:
a) bras
b) corsets
c) booties

Always addding to the collections - so fun!


Sarah said...

This is beyond cool! I don't feel so alone now! LOL. Yessss, I have collection (s) like this too. I can't help myself. And now I don't feel like I have to!

LOVE the white china!!


carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

oh my goodnessssss! you can really open a restaurant, darling! I love to place food in white china too! but I adore to collect colorful cups of tea {my little obsession} have a wonderful weekend! xo

Katie said...

I'd love a collection like that! So simple and...abundant! I just found your blog through A Cup of Jo -- it caught my eye because my middle name is Lenore. I have never met anyone with that name!

My obsession has been vintage children's books. Can't get enough of them.

Ela said...

I LOVE your collection! You have a lovely breakfast room...so welcoming too :) hint, hint...JK
LOL, those chairs...why do I get the feeling that despite all those chairs, there's still nowhere to sit :)
Have a lovely weekend! xxxxxxxxx muah!

GUGAW said...

i totally agree that food looks best on white plates. i've actually gone for a slightly cream colour, like milk and i love it!

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

I'm so glad to know I am not the only one obsessed with china. You are so smart though, you collect one kind. Me, I collect them all...along with every thing else. I am convinced I just like the hunt of finding something neat. I was looking around the house last night and wondering how I could start displaying things from the ceiling. I wish I was one of those minimalist decorators. I'm not!

I love your china cabinet!!! I don't have anything that pretty to display mine in.:(

Have a fun weekend beautiful lady!


www.janetteria.com said...

Such a fab china! OMG! I adore them...


*Sandra* said...

I love that... The Great Wall of China! Ever thought of taking up clay pigeon shooting?

drollgirl said...

bahahah!!!!!!!!! you are reminding me of my grandma!!!! she had dozens and dozens of sets of dishes (COMPLETE SETS, MIND YOU!), but she was into patterns. she could not stop herself from buying more of them. and it was VERY DIFFICULT for her to decide which of us was she would leave the dishes to. i am afraid she wanted to take them with her to the afterlife, and that perhaps none of us were quite worthy of her beloved dishes. :)

yiqin; said...

Hope you have a nice weekend! It is sunday here already :D

Elizabeth Marie said...

ahah! Great Wall of China...well it is fabulous my darling and if you open a restaurant I will come and eat off your pristine china! Thank goodness it is not chairs! We would have to have a serious heart to heart... :)

Winnie said...

Oh my! You really do have a lot of a china! The chair installation made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very impressive and fun! It's great to have something that you are that passionate about collecting!

When you have your huge dinner party, can I come?

Hannah said...

Wow, the china is absolutely lovely! I don't blame you for collecting something so stunning :D

As for me? It's really quite simple: books. I do not have nearly as many as I would like, but whenever I come across one I simply cannot resit :)


Jeannette Mariae said...

I love white china... ;-)

Gabbi said...

I love your obsession dear Lenore... really practical! Nothing worst than having a large party and not enough pretty china to go around. I also love seeing your little blogging nook. It's great seeing where the 'magic' happens :D

(ps. You have awards!)♥♥

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

It's the most beautiful wall of china I've ever seen...my goodness, I LOVE that it is all white! STUNNING darling! I'm jealous!

My little obsession of ribbon and stationery doesn't hold a candle to your lovelies...

Amy said...

do not justify a thing! awesome, awesome collection, miss lenore!

Anna G said...

I'm a little obsessed with scarfs ,okay a lot. I have at least 20. I keep on buying them too. I need to stop but your china is gorgeous. I love to buy my own but I live with my minimalist parents.

Sam said...

Great Wall of China!! Love it! I am totally with you on the collecting front there - and your china is beautiful and simple and clean and wonderful - so do not fret! I collect small antique porcelein animal figurines - the quirkier the better! Have a gorgeous weekend - thank you for that post too - it was a Sunday treat!

Lola said...

What a beautiful collection! wow!

Hoping you're having a great weekend & see you again soon!


muchlove said...

you always come up with the most interesting blog post themes! Terrific images.

Have a great weekend/week :)

Unknown said...

As far as obsessions go, collecting china is a lovely habit to have. Your pieces look lovely in your cabinet pictures.

Thanks for visiting my site. Your site is fantastic! I'll definitely be stopping by again--there's so much to see and read and all of it is quite interesting!

Heidi said...

I love your great wall of China!! That is a serious amount of it and I'll bet it's a fun obsession to have...hunting for that white cup or plate. It makes me want to go out and buy dishes...now!

Angela said...

i like simple white china... you do have quite a collection. i like your "great wall of china". : )

Jay Dee said...

Wonderful! What a great view from your desk :) - my fetish is bottles/glass and porcelain too. Lol.

Becca said...

haha! I love this. We all have our little quirks. But flea marketing and thrift store shopping really are the best ways to come by things. And it's so much cooler because you have to search for those treasures. :)

Ha! and I have an obsession too, but it is just shopping in general! I am a pro at spending money, which is a horrible thing to be good at.

Jillian said...

Love your obsession with WHITE china especially when you find it at Flea Markets ...it just makes the object a little more special!

Diana said...

whoa, that is a lot but then again i love how clean it looks! it doesn't look messy at all, very minimalism, even if it is excessive :)

Christina said...

holy cow, you have an impressive collection! i have colorful plates but i'm thinking i might need more white in my life. oh, i like your photo "art" pieces too, very nice.

me melodia said...

I'm jealous of your great wall.
My current obsession is collecting vintage typewriters... but alas i dont have nearly as many as I'd like. I also have dozens and dozens of white frames--anytime i spot a white frame i just have to pick it up. Our family wall will be so grand once we have the space.

Aline said...

oh but it is beautiful!!!

georgia b. said...

this was just too funny! i love love love this post. "great wall of china" --that was awesome. and i think your collection is great. yes, better than collecting chairs--i'm sort of a chair fanatic, and i can say i am quickly running out of room. :)

thanks for stopping by my "...shhhh" blog. speaking of that blog, can i put one of these illustrations {i'd like to put the first} on that blog with a link and a credit to you?

kadler said...

Oh my god. That is a whole heck of a lot of plates. What do you do with them?

Anonymous said...

Collecting China... That is different for sure.